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Stop Listening To The Static

I Turn The Lights Out. I Turn The Lights Out. I Turn My Lights Out.

Daniel Woolf-Hacker
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I spend my time reading ridiculous amounts of Slave Narratives (comme Olaudah Equianos, Mary Prince, Harriet Jacobs) or other discourse of the Black Atlantic (W.E.B DuBois, Jamaica Kincaid etc.) I'm also kind of in love with Virginia Woolf, even though she is a) already married, b) a lesbian, and c) dead... I know we'll be together one day. A former member of the Harry Potter fan community, my love affair with HP grew to mere fond memories as the books ended in a burning crash. Now I devote my time to being a full time student, part time barista, and always-time reader/ crack-pot writer. As I write this it is dark outside and I have exams to study for, so stop bothering me with your inane questions, who are you? James Lipton?